I learned about Tmux plugins this weekend and they are pretty awesome! However, I didn’t find the correct instructions for setting them up quickly in Ubuntu. Most of the directions I found centered around installing manaully from Github. Below I listed the instructions for Ubuntu/Debian installation.

See the list of plugins on Github.


sudo apt install tmux-plugin-manager

echo "run '/usr/share/tmux-plugin-manager/tpm'" >> ~/.tmux.conf

# exit and start tmux again

Installing plugins

  1. Add new plugin to ~/.tmux.conf with set -g @plugin '...'
    • Example: set -g @plugin 'tmux-plugins/tmux-yank'
  2. Press ctrl-b (or prefix) + I (capital i, as in Install) to fetch the plugin.

You’re good to go! The plugin was cloned to ~/.tmux/plugins/ dir and sourced.

Uninstalling plugins

  1. Remove (or comment out) plugin from the list.
  2. Press prefix + alt + u (lowercase u as in uninstall) to remove the plugin.

All the plugins are installed to ~/.tmux/plugins/ so alternatively you can find plugin directory there and remove it.

More Docs

For more docs on plugins see TPM - Tmux Plugin Manager.